We offer lots of TLC, so come enjoy the beauty of our farm

Pony Parties - For Children 8 years old and younger - Child’s weight limit is 100 lbs.

This is a unique fun time for young children for a birthday party or other celebration.


Ponies / Hours

Maximum No of Children

$275 2 Ponies for 2 Hours 8
$175 2 Ponies for 1 Hours 8
$20 For each Additional Child
$40 For 1 Pony to become a Unicorn


  • Children giving ponies treats
  • Two handles for each pony
  • One additional hour for picnic party with a dedicated area set up with picnic tables and 16 chairs. You provide your own food, dishes, table linens, cups, plates, napkins, etc.
  • The opportunity for children to groom, handle and lead the ponies. Leading is done with a handler.
  • Children riding the pony, led by a handler.
  • Use of sanitized and approved ATM/SEI certified helmets while riding

To dress the ponies with paint, ribbons, bows, etc. the cost is an additional $100 per hour.

Meet and Greet A Pony - An introduction to the ponies – Age limit is 8 years old or younger

This is for young children who would like the opportunity get some hands on experience with our ponies. Size of pony will depend on height and weight of child.


  • The child learning to groom a pony
  • Leading the pony, sitting on the pony and riding the pony, all with a handler
  • A short tour of the stables
  • Use of sanitized and approved ATM/SEI certified helmets while riding
  • Cost is $70 for one hour

A Loving Lease of a Horse – For Adults Only

Need some stress relief? Some mental relaxation?

This is for people who love to spend time with horses on a day to day basis and need some “me time”. Here are the specifics:

  • You will be allowed to spend quality time grooming, grazing, loving, pampering, etc.
  • There is no time limit per day and no limit on the number of days per week you can spend with the horse. You will need to be mindful of lessons the horse may be in and feeding time. We will give you specifics on the horse’s schedule.
  • You can be shown how we magnawave a horse, which is a deep massage machine we have at the barn. You can also be shown how to do some stretching exercises for the horse.
  • Cost is $75 per month.